01. The Missing Boy

Date: 2018-12-28
Players: Chris, John, Tim
Notes: Completed character creation and mission 1.


Characters: Arladon, Bard, Roenick
Other Personas: Kali Azra (innkeeper), Talas and Lia (farmers), Toras (missing son), Hana (Toras' best friend)

Background Information

The city of Telstar is in divided between those who supports the Red Shield and those who would like to see someone from the Queen's lineage back on the throne (although no one is certain who that would be). Bard's wife died twelve years previous in a riot between the two factions. The heated confrontations are becoming common place. Arladon's father continues to fight to make a place for his family in the high nobility of the city, seemingly uninterested in the conflict. Roenick's mentor passed away a few months ago, leaving his ward with a house and almost no money. Bard is struggling against his depression and addiction, unable to find and keep work.

Harmony 10, Year 810

Main Quests

Side Quests