04. The Abandoned Guard Tower

Date: 2019-05-07
Players: Chris, John, Tim


Characters: Arladon, Bard, Roenick
Other Personas: Hana, Kali Azra (innkeeper), Ali Azra, Talas and Lia (farmers), Yamira (grey wizard), Danyla (priestess of Nephythys), Kébra (Kali's wife)

Background Information

The feud between the Emperor and the Queen is escalating.
When he finds a second diary in his father's office, Arladon finally comes to grip with his father's involvement in the events related to the demise of the boy Talas and the sacrificial site. He decides to share his findings with Yamira and the others.
Following the injury to his finger, Roenick cannot sleep during the night, being plagued by drowsiness and visions of high dark rocky mountains floating in a black fog.

Harmony 21, Year 810

Harmony 22 to 29, Year 810

Harmony 30 to Apogee 1, Year 810

Apogee 2, Year 810

Main Quests

The Abandoned Guard Tower ( COMPLETED): Find the 2nd sacrificial site located in the Forest of Wishes.

Side Quests