06. The Grand Master's Ultimatum


Date: 2019-09-03
Players: John, Tim
Notes: Tim left early, so had to improvise a new story line focusing on Roenick.


Characters: Arladon, Roenick
Other Personas: Tuntau (sylvan elf), Sage Fides (Grand master of the Synod of Magikas), Maryana (White Wizard)

Background Information

After investigating the second sacrificial site and finding another diary (and leaving it with Asa who will try to read it), the group enters the Forest of a Thousand Wishes, in search of Tuntau and the sylvan elves. There, they hope to find some answers and allies. For his part, Bard is also looking at strengthening his bond with the goddess of nature, Nephythys.

Apogee 3, Year 810

Night of Apogee 3 to 4, Year 810

Main Quests

The Ultimatum ( COMPLETED): Choose between joining the Synod or abandoning the magic.

Side Quests

The Mentor's Secret (Roenick): Investigate Saldoras' life, including his sojourn to Shalème and the reasons why he would not join the Synod of Magikas. Complete tidying house (38% done). Investigate secret lab in the Dragon's Forest.
Symbol in the Dirt (Roenick): Research the strange symbol drawn by Hana in the dirt in front of her house. Roenick is now acquainted with the people at the library. 2nd option is to visit the library in Var Galdin.
The White Finger (Roenick): Figure out what is the nature of the infection that is eating up at his finger. Sage Fidès mentioned it is similar in properties to the black mark of Xemus.
The Ranger (Bard): Find out what happened to the ranger who had a camp east of Hana's house.
The Family Signet Ring (Bard): Find out the history behind Cilia's family ring, as well as its powers.
Nephythys' medallion (Bard): Meet with Tuntau, a sylvan elf living in the Forest of Wishes, to empower medallion.
The Addiction (Bard): Bard's must find a way to overcome his dependency of drinking.
The Land Owner (Arladon): Find out what Arladon's father did to the farmers to make them hate him so. Discovered that his father is scared of someone.