09. Return To Telstar


Date: January 21, 2020
Players: Chris, John


Characters: Bard, Roenick
Other Personas: Yamira (wizard), Kali Azra (innkeeper), Ali Azra (retired innkeeper), Hana (little girl)

Background Information

After freeing the Sanctum of the Five, Bard and Arladon heads back toward Telstar.

Apogee 4, Year 810

Apogee 5, Year 810

Apogee 9, Year 810

Apogee 10, Year 810

Main Quests

Return to Telstar ( COMPLETED): Returned to Telstar and shared discoveries with Yamira.

Side Quests

The Mentor's Secret (Roenick): Investigate Saldoras' life, including his sojourn to Shalème and the reasons why he would not join the Synod of Magikas. Complete tidying house (63% done). Investigate secret lab in the Dragon's Forest.
Joining the Synod (Roenick): Complete the tests to join the Synod. If successful, Sage promised Roenick that he would make arrangement for him to meet Yasmina, who will heal his finger.
Symbol in the Dirt (Roenick): Research the strange symbol drawn by Hana in the dirt in front of her house. Roenick is now acquainted with the people at the library. 2nd option is to visit the library in Var Galdin.
The White Finger (Roenick): Figure out what is the nature of the infection that is eating up at his finger. Sage Fidès mentioned it is similar in properties to the black mark of Xemus.
The Ranger (Bard): Find out what happened to the ranger who had a camp east of Hana's house.
The Family Signet Ring (Bard): Find out the history behind Cilia's family ring, as well as its powers.
The Land Owner (Arladon): Find out what Arladon's father did to the farmers to make them hate him so. Discovered that his father is scared of someone.
The Ghost's Insignia (Arladon): Determine the roots or meaning of the insignia seen on the ghost of the cracked blade, at the Sanctum of Five.