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If you have any question or comment in regard to the website, feel free to contact me directly at steve @ sceston.ca. Thank you for visiting!


I first started playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons when I was 14. My good friend GaƩtan introduced me to the game. A few months in, I had already started creating a world of my own and was well on my way to become a dungeon master. One of the first city to appear in the original world was King's Town. I do not remember where the name came from, but it stayed and is still to this day an important part of Arvelas, being the capital city of the realm of Istagon. If I had to give a year for Arvelas' birth, I would say 1990, mainly because some of the elements truly date from that time. Since then, Arvelas has changed significantly, always growing and expanding.

New Rules

In the year 1998-1999, I started working on a new set of rules. The players and I wanted more than what the original AD&D offered and although we had already modified many of the rules, it was not quite enough. Between 2002 and 2004, I wrote a player's guide, 400 pages thick, regrouping everything. This was all well, but demanded an extreme amount of effort to be kept up to date, and it didn't even include information about the world itself (just the rules!).

The Web Era

Arvelas migrated to the web in 2008. This first version of the site was mainly in French. In 2010, the site was translated in English, although bits and parcels still remain in French (to be translated as time allows). The transfer happened for a few reasons. First, having the information in a database, managed via a web interface, make the maintenance of the rules and information easier. Also, the rules were constantly being adjusted, meaning they needed to be reprinted each time and shared with the players. A website would let the players keep track of the changes, and also get access to information related to their campaigns. Also, the manager of characters is made easier by the website. This portion of the site is password protection, but probably the one I'm the most proud of. Overall, the website is a win for all.


The images below give a glimpse into the original version of the site (2008-2013).

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