Conditions (or status) can affect a character in many different ways, sometime positively, but often negatively. The character will then have to rest, or take an antidote (or find other means) to cure or remove the condition.

Information List

AsleepEvasion -15, Asleep 24hrs / Wakes up if hit.
BlindedAR -20
Blinded, partialAR -10
Charmed100% Under Control
ChilledSpeed: 10Spd +10, Fire Dmg x2
ChokedAR -5, CR -5, Evasion -5, Surprise -5, Can't Breath
Comatose0 HP, Stable
ConfusedRandom Actions
ControlledLimited Under Control
Cursed: Black ScarSTR +5, END +5, Aura -10, Light Dmg x3
Cursed: White ScarWIL -5, AGI +5, Aura -5
DeadIrrevocably Dead
Diseased: Red SangriumRed skin, hallucinations, blindness and death.
DizzySpeed: 5AR -5, CR -5, Evasion -5, Surprise -5, Spd +5
FeeblemindedINT -20, Highly Gullible / No Casting
FrenziedEvasion +5, Random Actions
FrozenFire Dmg x3, Break to kill
InvisibleEvasion +20, Completely Invisibility
Invisible, partialEvasion +10, Partial Invisibility
Knocked DownDuration: 1 full round
MutedCannot speak or make sounds with their mouth
PanickedRun Away from any Danger
ParalyzedEvasion -15
PetrifiedPermanent Petrification
Petrified, PartialPartial Petrification
Poisoned: Common-2% HP/hour for 24 hours
QuickenedSpd / 2, Tired for 1h
SilencedCompletely Silenced
SlowedSpd x2, # actions halfed
StunnedEvasion -10
Swooned-1 HP/round until death threshold
UnconsciousEvasion -15
WeakenedSTR -20, END -20, Evasion -15