Destinea Tree

A destinea tree is a tree linked to another creature with a bond that transcends life or death. Elder druids and rangers often share their existence with a destinea tree. Some elves or gnomes, or those particularly close to nature, have been known to also have a destinea tree.

The destinea tree often reflect the creature it is linked to. The tree will provide some of its strength and some support, taking different form based on the creature and the tree. The opposite is also true and if the tree is weak, the creature it is linked to can heal or help it.

The death of one of the two parties does not necessarily lead to the death of the other, although the loss can leave a life-long scar.

A creature can only link with one tree during its life.

The link between a tree and a druid is particularly strong. The druid can feel what the tree is feeling, which allows her to know if the surroundings are healthy or in pain. The druid can also know if an intruder is trespassing in his forest.