The equipment system is divided in three main categories, including weapons, armours and other items (which is the largest category and regroups all items not included in the first two groups).

To insure consistency between items, it is important to follow some simple rules. Each item will have some base damage, which can then be improved based on a few factors, including the material, the level of expertise of the creator, the craftsmanship (some races are expert in fabricating specific type of items) and the level of enchantment. The expertise of the user/bearer can also improve the statistics of the item.

Below are included an overview of the base statistics for some items, as well as a summary of the bonuses provided by each factors (most factor has 4 levels).

Armours Base Values

Item CategoryClothLeatherMetalWood
Light Armours: Legs/Arms+1 HP+2 HP--
Light Armours: Body/Head+3 HP+6 HP--
Med Armours: Legs/Arms-+3 HP+4 HP-
Med Armours: Body/Head-+9 HP+12 HP-
Heavy Armours: Legs/Arms--+5 HP-
Heavy Armours: Body/Head--+20 HP-
Shields: Small--+2 Evas+1 Evas
Shields: Medium--+4 Evas+2 Evas
Shields: Heavy--+8 Evas+4 Evas

Weapons Base Damages

Item CategoryMetalWood
Short Swords63
Mid Swords84
1-H Axes94
2-H Swords105
2-H Axes126
Bows, Short-2
Bows, Long-4
Crossbows, 1-H-1
Bolts, 1-H00

Skill level bonuses

This is the level of expertise of the character with the main skill related to the item.

Material bonuses

A list of the different types of materials is available here: Materials.

  • Level 1: Normal Dmg
  • Level 2: +1 Dmg, +25% HP
  • Level 3: +2 Dmg, +50% HP
  • Level 4: +4 Dmg, +100% HP
  • Craftmanship bonuses

    The bonuses obtained from craftmanship vary based on the level of expertise of the competency (armourer, blacksmith, bower/fletcher, etc.). On a natural 1 upon creation, the quality of the item is exceptional, and one level higher.

    Magic level bonuses

    With each level of enchantment, one or more bonuses can be added to an item, as follows:

    The following are examples of bonuses that can be added. These bonuses are cumulative and can be added more than once (if the level of enchantment allows it).