This section is intended as a quick reference to organize a game of role-playing into the world of Arvelas. If you have played role-playing games before, a lot of what you read here will be familiar. The rules for Arvelas were initially adapted from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition, but have evolved greatly over the years. The guide is divided in systems, each regrouping information about a particular aspect of the game. At any time, if you are unfamiliar with a term, you can look into the glossary, do a search or browse the encyclopedia.


  1. Character Sheet
  2. System: Progression and leveling
  3. System: Traits
  4. System: Competencies
  5. System: Magic
  6. System: Equipment
  7. System: Crafting
  8. System: Reputation
  9. System: Combat
  10. System: Rolls
  11. System: Conditions
  12. Glossary
  13. Dungeon Master Notes