Welcome to Arvelas, an imaginary world created by the mind of S.C. Eston and all those willing to walk its roads. For more than 32 years, a wide cast of players have role-played different characthers and heroes, expanding Arvelas' boundaries and in some cases becoming legends.

Arvelas combines lore, rules and elements from a wide amalgame of games and stories, often based on players' preferences, into a single world of boundless possibilities.

If you dare, pack your travelling bag and join us in exploring Arvelas. You can do so by browsing this website or reading some of the available stories.

Current Campaigns

The City of Light

Available Stories

The Conclave
by S.C. Eston

It all came down to this.
A traitor.

"An exceptional story. Eston knows how to tell a tale."
- Allan Hudson, Author
"In this setting, S.C. Eston has pulled out all the stops..."
- Stephen Ray, Reader

Somewhere in Arvelas: Island of Lyrdia

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World of Warcraft (Zone: Azsuna).

Lyrdia was once the grandest city of the realm of Saranon. But its wizards misused the Runes and brought forth the Inferno, during which the city was pulled out of the ground, tearing apart the realm of Saranon. Now, the city of Lyrdia is floating aimlessly around the world.

Glimpse: Dragons

Regroups dragons and dragonkins.

Although elusive and rarely seen, dragons are probably one of the best known of the Ancients of Arvelas. They are creatures of incredible power and size, and directly linked to the world and one of its raw forces (element, metal, or other). Each dragon is unique.

Map: Arvanas


Arvanas is the ancient realm of the golden elves. It disappeared into oblivion about a thousand year before the Inferno, when hit by an unforgiving disease. It is said that Arvanas was a hundred time more beautiful than Quilanis. Many elves still cry at the sole mention of Arvanas.

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