Welcome to Arvelas, an imaginary world created by the mind of S.C. Eston and all those willing to walk its roads. For more than 31 years, a wide cast of players have role-played different characthers and heroes, expanding Arvelas' boundaries and in some cases becoming legends.

Arvelas combines lore, rules and elements from a wide amalgame of games and stories, often based on players' preferences, into a single world of boundless possibilities.

If you dare, pack your travelling bag and join us in exploring Arvelas. You can do so by browsing this website or reading some of the available stories.

Current Campaigns

The City of Light

Available Stories

The Conclave
by S.C. Eston

It all came down to this.
A traitor.

"An exceptional story. Eston knows how to tell a tale."
- Allan Hudson, Author
"In this setting, S.C. Eston has pulled out all the stops..."
- Stephen Ray, Reader

Somewhere in Arvelas: Vaste

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World of Warcraft (Zone: Howling Fjord).

Located in the far north, Vaste is a realm of snow and eternal cold. Unlike Kryma, though, it is inhabited by many tribes and home to a wide array of animals and plants.

Glimpse: Ghost

Ghosts are the lingering remnants of beings who cannot depart the world of the living. Most ghosts simply wander harmlessly, lost and confused, but some harbor a strong hate for anything living and will attack on sight.

Form Speed Attacks AR Evasion HP
Minor 5 Touch 6/6 + permanent drain 1/1
Haunt 30 + permanent drain 10
14 -5 40-45

Map: Kurtor


Kurtor is a fortress made of carved rock and natural mountains. It is a grand sight, one that leaves its visitors humbled by its imposing size and incredible craftsmanship. The western dwarves call it home, living in a maze that expands both underground and above ground, in between peaks and on high plateaus. Tyr is revered and a fifty foot statue stands at the heart of Kurtor in his honour.

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