Synod of Magikas

The Synod of Magikas is the largest organization regulating magic use in Arvelas. It specializes in the Arcanes, which uses a language known as Magil to massage magical energy into a wide range of effects, including the enchantment of items and objects. The Synod operates from Dar Al'Kalif, located in the peninsula of Magikas, south of Pyrthis. Its members are known as wizards.

The Synod is divided in three different order, represented by the colour of their robes: white, gray and black. The orders reports to a single individual, known as the grand master. The grand master is usually selected, by vote, from one of the masters. The grand master usually lives in Dar Al'Kalif, while the masters can come and go between the centre of the order, and a tower of their choosing in different parts of the world.

The Synod's main role is to regulate the use of the Arcanes, and as such, requires anyone who uses it to pass a series of tests that will make them a member of the organisation.