Talents are special abilities that a player-character can learn every few levels. They usually provide a substantive bonus and will help mold the character to the player's preferences. As there are no classes in this set of rules, talents can be seen somewhat as the equivalent, while providing more flexibility.

Information List

AmbidexterityLVL: 1# attacks +1, Extra attack half dmg
Ambidexterity: ExpertLVL: 8, Req: Ambidexterity, AGI: 12# attacks +1, No penalty
Attack Critical: ExpertLVL: 16, Req: Attack Critical: Master, WIS: 12+1 crit AR
Attack Critical: MasterLVL: 8+1 Crit AR
Attack Roll: ExpertLVL: 12, Req: Attack Roll: MasterAR +5
Attack Roll: MasterLVL: 1AR +5
Attack Speed: ExpertLVL: 12, Req: Attack Speed: Master, AGI: 12, Speed: 2Spd +2, +2 Spd Weapons
Attack Speed: MasterLVL: 1, Speed: 2Spd +2, +2 Spd Weapons
Casting Critical: ExpertLVL: 16, Req: Casting Critical: Master, WIL: 12+1 crit CR
Casting Critical: MasterLVL: 8+1 Crit CR
Casting Roll: ExpertLVL: 12, Req: Casting Roll: MasterCR +5
Casting Roll: MasterLVL: 1CR +5
Casting Speed: ExpertLVL: 12, Req: Casting Speed: Master, INT: 12, Speed: 2Spd +2, +2 Spd Spells
Casting Speed: MasterLVL: 1, Speed: 2Spd +2, +2 Spd Spells
Casting: Catalysts ExpertLVL: 12, INT: 12Can use 3 catalysts
Casting: Catalysts MasterLVL: 8Can use 2 catalysts
Casting: DualLVL: 82 spells/round
Casting: PowerLVL: 12Double effects
Damage Physical: DoubleLVL: 8Str dmg bonus x2
Danger SenseLVL: 1Surprise +2, Feels danger
Evasion: ExpertLVL: 12, Req: Evasion: Improved, WIS: 12Evasion +5
Evasion: ImprovedLVL: 1Evasion +5
Fighting MixLVL: 4# attacks +1, Mix weapon and natural attacks
Health Points: ImprovedLVL: 1End HP bonus x2
Magic Points: ImprovedLVL: 1Man MP bonus x2
Magic SenseLVL: 4Detect magic sources
Magic Sense: AdvancedLVL: 8, Req: Magic Sense, MAN: 12Identify magical sources
Mystical SenseLVL: 4Detect mystical sources
Mystical Sense: AdvancedLVL: 8, Req: Mystical Sense, WIS: 12Identify mystical sources
ObservationLVL: 8Surprise +2, Notice anomalies
RiposteLVL: 8# attacks +1, Attack back
Riposte: ExpertLVL: 12, Req: Riposte, WIL: 14# attacks +1, Attack back
Spells Repository: ExtendedLVL: 4Double # of spells
Techniques Repository: ExtendedLVL: 4Double # of techs
Traits: ExpertLVL: 16, Req: Traits: Master+1 master trait
Traits: MasterLVL: 8+1 master trait