Weapons: 1-Handed

This skill is the expertise to use and fight using single handed weapons, such as daggers, swords and maces.

Information List

Iron Broad SwordSpeed: 7Dmg 9
Iron DaggerSpeed: 2Dmg 4
Iron Long SwordSpeed: 6Dmg 8
Iron Short SwordSpeed: 4Dmg 6
Iron War AxeSpeed: 7Dmg 9
Steel EquilibriorSpeed: 6Dmg 10
Steel FlailSpeed: 8Dmg 9
Steel GladiusSpeed: 3Dmg 6
Steel MaceSpeed: 5Dmg 7
Steel Morning StarSpeed: 5Dmg 8
Steel RapierSpeed: 4Dmg 7
Wooden DaggerSpeed: 2Dmg 2
Wooden Long SwordSpeed: 6Dmg 4
Wooden Short SwordSpeed: 4Dmg 3