Fire Elemental

Art © Unknown.

The element of fire is often associated with rage and unpredictability. Being so, the elemental of fire is often aggressive, and prone to attack and burn. It has a vague humanoid form, with long thin arms and fingers, and an elongated snout resembling a beak. It moves along the ground although it can jump at impressive heights and distances. Because of its temper, the fire elemental is not often used as a guardian.

Like most elementals, smaller version can merge to create a larger version of themselves.

Form Speed Attacks AR Evasion HP
Tiny 2 Slash 8
Fire Breath 6
18 -8 10-15
Minor 3 Slash 8/8
Fire Breath 10
16 -10 25-30
Major 5 Slash 8/8/8
Fire Breath 20
14 -12 45-60